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How to prepare a case?

Read the rules

That’s where you’ll find out how to impress the Jury.

Get your act together

These are the things we need:

Company information

  • Logo advertiser (300 dpi)

  • Logo agency (300 dpi)

  • Contact details of the person in charge of the submission

  • Contact details advertiser
    (Name/Brand/contact name/e-mail/mobile)

  • Contact details agency
    (Agency name/Firstname/Name/Function/email/mobile)

  • Contact details other parties involved
    (Company name/Firstname/Name/Function/email/mobile)

  • Company information for the invoice
    (Company name/Address/VAT)

Case information

  • Name of the case

  • Case Image (300 dpi)

  • Case video (45 sec. max.)
  • Categories

  • Duration/period case

  • Images/url of different media (Ex. website, banners/app,,...)

  • Description of the case (in English - Max 500 words – adaptable per Jury)