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File composition

Ensure you submit all entry materials exactly as they were requested. Any missing material or information can result in disqualification. 

The written brief is the most important part of the entry because it frames the business challenge and illustrates the creative approach as well as the effectiveness of the case.

The best briefs explain the competitive environment, the campaign objectives and goals, and any evidence of performance. The briefs should respond to the judging criteria, which defer per Jury. That’s why you can adapt per Jury your case description (limited to 500 words). 
Briefs should be clear, concise and free of jargon and exaggeration.

Each Jury analyses the cases of their categories. The judging criteria defer per Jury as explained hereunder.

The Digital Communication Jury


  • Best Campaign - Commercial
    Awards the best campaign which mainly used digital channels (display, video, social, DOOH, e-mailing…). This campaign can be short term or long term.
  • Best Campaign - Charity
    Awards the best campaign which mainly used digital channels (display, video, social, DOOH, e-mailing…). This campaign can be short term or long term.


  • Insight and strategy (33%):
    Judges look  Insight and strategy how was the campaign built to reach its objectives, what was the strategy behind the campaign, How effective was your use of media and targeting.
  • Creativity (33%):
    Judges will consider the relation between a big idea and the digital execution.
  • Results / Engagement (33%):
    What effect did the campaign have in the market?

The Martech Jury


  • Best MarTech Tool
    Awards the best MarTech tool
  • Best Use of MarTech Tool 
    Awards the best use of a Technology - MarTech tool within a campaign (Data, chatbot, virtual reality, 3D, artificial intelligence, blockchain, voice marketing …). The jury will focus on how the tool has been used.

Criteria Best Martech tool

  • 20% Dashboarding/reporting
  • 20% Penetration
  • 20% Innovation
  • 20% Added Value
  • 20% Time Efficiency

CRITERIA BEST use of martech tool

  • 33% Results
  • 33% Future Vision (creative use)
  • 33% Added Value to the campaign

The Media Jury


  • Best Brand Engagement campaign 
    Awards the best digital campaign with a clear branding strategy. The jury will focus on objectives, strategy and results.
  • Best Consumer Engagement Campaign 
    Awards the best digital campaign with a clear performance strategy. The jury will focus on objectives, the use of technology and data, and results, but also on the efforts in optimizing the results during the campaign.
  • Best Influencer Campaign 
    Awards the best influencer marketing campaign used in relevant digital channels.  

Criteria Best Brand Engagement Campaign

  • 33% KPI, objectives
  • 33% Media Strategy
  • 33% Results (useful score, brand recognition and lift, brand consideration, reach on target…)

Criteria Best Consumer Engagement campaign

  • 33% KPI, objectives (CPA, CPS, CPL, CPC…), Strategy
  • 33% Use of technology and data (programmatic buying, DMP, attribution model…) & campaign optimization 
  • 33% Results (number of leads, sales, cost per lead, engaged traffic to website...)

Criteria Best Influencer campaign

  • 33% Insight and strategy (how was the influencers used to reach the objectives , how effective was your use of influencers and targeting)
  • 33% creativity (demonstrate the relation between a influencers idea and the digital execution)
  • 33% results (what effect did the campaign have in the market)

The digital platforms Jury


  • Design & UX & UI/Dash Boarding
    Awards the best design and user experience (UX) of a digital platform (Website, App on any type of device). Creativity, innovation and engagement will be judged. 


  • 33% Design
  • 33% UX
  • 33% UI/Dash Boarding 


Any campaign or case that ran during the qualifying period 1st of September 2018 to 30th of September 2019 in Belgium.
Campaigns or cases that may have been launched before 1st of September 2018, but must have run during the valid period. Submissions cannot be cancelled or withdrawn after 30th September 2019. Creative submissions that are presented via the website must remain active until 1st January 2020.
Every case is presented to the Council for Advertising. If a case is judged by the Jury for Ethical Practice in advertising (JEP Belgium), than the Jury of the MIXX Awards will be advised of this. It is up to the MIXX Jury and a representative of the Belgian Association of Marketing to decide whether to include the case for the final judgment.
Attention: if there is less than 5 cases submitted in a category, the IAB MIXX Awards organisers reserves the right to cancel the entire category.


Deadline to enter the IAB MIXX Awards Belgium: 22rd September 2019 at 11.59pm. Entrants can submit a campaign in different categories and submit multiple campaigns for each category.
Submissions should reflect work that was carried out predominantly by the submitting agency or advertiser, and the role of collaborating (creative and media) agencies and key individuals should be referenced.

Submissions must include a written campaign brief.
The written brief is limited to 500 words.

Entry Information

  • Please make sure all information including campaign name, advertiser, submitting agency and credits is referenced and spelled exactly as it should appear in information for the media, on trophies, in the IAB MIXX Awards Winners’ Gallery, and on printed and multimedia presentation materials for the Awards Gala.
  • Work submitted must be original or you must have secured rights to submit it.
  • Creative Materials and Briefs: by entering work into the IAB MIXX Awards you automatically grant the Belgian Association of Marketing the right to make copies, reproduce and display the creative materials and briefs for educational and promotional purposes such as but not limited to the website, newsletter, conferences and the Awards Gala.
  • We respect that entries may have information deemed confidential by the client. For this reason, you will have the opportunity in the online entry form to indicate whether or not publishing permission is granted for the written briefs section of the entry form.

Entry Fee

Entries into the IAB MIXX Awards Belgium is €100 (VAT excluded) per campaign and per category. Belgian Association of Marketing member companies receive a discount of 20% on the entry fee.
The submitting party will receive an invoice which is due to be paid before 1th of October 2019. In case of non or incorrect payment, the submitted case(s) will be disqualified.
Registrations for the Gala Event are not included in this entry fee.


The winners will be revealed during the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday evening the 16th of October 2019 in Tour&Taxis Brussels (after the trade fair Digital First). Register your seats on

Use of material

By submitting your case, you explicitly grant permission to the Belgian Association of Marketing to use the information and material of your case for events and publications through all possible channels. Confidential information may be labelled as such and this will be taken into account by the Belgian Association of Marketing.


If you have any questions, you can contact us by mail: or by phone +32 2 234 54 01.